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A tribute jacket to the Polynesian Panthers using a repurposed NZ army jacket.


Hand painted camo jacket by Meep One.


Mens Medium.


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In tribute of the panthers $50 of this purchase will go to Th'Orchard an arts space in Rowley, Christchurch.


"Th’Orchard is the name of the arts space located within the Rowley (McCarthy St) shops. The name is also given to the overall concept and of the projects created within and from the space. The name was conceived by Mark Vanilau and Solomon Smith, as they sought an identity that would define the intention of cultivating the arts and creating a platform that artist could use to share and express their talent. Historically the Hoon Hay/Rowley community is rich with aspiring artists of all disciplines. The community has a high Maori and Pacific population and has a high number of social housing and low income earners. The low incomes contribute to many of the aspiring artist not having the means to pursue their dreams in the arts. Many of these artists have contributed to making the Hoon Hay/Rowley community an amazingly cool place to be a part of."

Polynesian Panthers Hand Painted Camo Jacket

  • Do not put this jacket in the washing machine!

    The painting will be affected, wash by spot cleaning or carefully handwash.

    Choose carefully as each piece is unique and handmade/repurposed, only consume products if you are willing to keep them forever until death do they part, the last thing we need is more unwanted garments turning into waste. If your not completley fufilled with your purchase, you are able to return the item within 30 days. The item must be in original, unworn condition, with tags still on to recieve a refund. If you really must get rid of your purchase either send it back for recycling or send it to us to be repaired and returned :)

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